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Welcome to Axfar Recruitment

At Axfar Recruitment, we take pride in our dedication to connecting skilled HGV and LGV drivers with reputable haulage companies.

Our mission is to provide an unrivaled, reliable service in the transportation industry with strong values of respect, integrity, and responsibility.

Why Drivers Choose Axfar Recruitment

As a driver at Axfar Recruitment, you are more than just a number. We understand the unique challenges faced by drivers and are dedicated to providing an environment that respects your skills and contribution.

Benefits of Joining Axfar:

Competitive Pay and Referral Bonuses

Our drivers are our most valuable assets. Not only do we offer competitive pay rates, but we also encourage our current drivers to refer skilled colleagues with our finder’s fee or referral bonus system.

Better Working Conditions

We address common driver complaints like poor directions and traffic by ensuring you have access to the best routes and clear directions to consignees or shippers.

Successful Onboarding and Retention

We ensure that drivers are familiar with routes and policies which not only creates loyalty but ensures better service to our customers.

Diverse Job Opportunities and Matching

We present a variety of job opportunities and make every effort to match drivers with jobs that align with their preferences.

Community and Regular Check-ins

We create a sense of community among our drivers. Through regular check-ins, we ensure you feel valued and remain engaged with your job.

Loyalty Bonus Scheme (LBS)

Our drivers can earn bonuses as a part of our Loyalty Bonus Scheme, appreciating their continued service.

Support and Accommodation

We value your needs and make genuine efforts to be accommodating. We understand that not all requests can be granted, but we assure you that each request is valued and considered.

Feedback Loops

Your opinion matters. We encourage open communication through platforms like WhatsApp groups, where drivers can share their insights and suggestions.

About Axfar

We believe in fostering strong relationships and ensuring the highest standards in professionalism and integrity.

Our commitment is to serve both drivers and employers with diligence, providing a bridge that contributes to the success and growth of the transportation industry.

Our esteemed partnership with Denny Glasgow Ltd. reinforces our credibility and reliability in the market. Denny Glasgow Ltd. is renowned for its impeccable reputation in the transportation industry. We share a mutual vision and commitment to excellence that is unparalleled. Learn more about Denny Glasgow Ltd.

Latest Vacancies

Axfar are more than just a recruitment agency for HGV drivers. Our team has experience in running a highly successful HGV haulage company, and we know all the issues that can arise.

We anticipate problems and provide solutions for our drivers.

We value our drivers and choose employers very carefully based on our own knowledge and experience.

Click below to view our current vacancies, or fill in our form to upload your CV to our system.

Our HGV Recruitment Employer Services

At Axfar, we are committed to building long-lasting relationships with HGV employers. We provide a range of services and a number of excellent benefits for our clients.

We not only provide access to high quality and relaible HGV drivers, but also the office staff required to run a successful haulage company.

Temporary Drivers

Permanent Drivers

Non-driving Staff

How to Get Started With Axfar Recruitment

Having had the expereince of working with  both drivers and clients for many years, we have a simple process to help you get started with Axfar Recruitment.

Axfar For Employers

We simplify the process of working with us.


Step 1

Contact us


Step 2

Let us know your requirements


Step 3

Compliance documents received.


Step 4

Induction procedures


Step 5

Contract signed

Axfar For Drivers

It’s simple to join our ever-growling list of happy drivers.


Step 1

Apply for job online & upload CV


Step 2

We contact you to discuss role


Step 3

Interview invite


Step 4

Job offer


Step 5

Driver assessment and full induction to client job

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